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O+RA has received a 2016 AIA NY Design Merit Award for Choy House.


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FEBRUARY 23, 2016

Faith Rose is stepping down as Executive Director of the Public Design Commission at the end of the week, in order to return to O’Neill Rose Architects full time. 

"I have been privileged to work with amazing, talented, and dedicated people in both the public and private sectors, and am proud of how our collective work has transformed the city’s public spaces as we work towards greater equity, physical and mental health, and quality of life for everyone who lives in this great city.  Together we have proven that design excellence has multiple, long term benefits on the public buildings and spaces we use every day.  It has been an honor to be able to support and promote good city design, first at the Department of Design and Construction, and most recently at the Public Design Commission.  It will be difficult to leave the public sector and this important work, but at the same time I am thrilled that O’Neill Rose Architects is thriving, and excited to get back to designing after eleven years of public service."


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JUNE 17, 2015

The American Institute of Architects, New York Chapter Presents the Public architect award to Faith Rose, AIA.

The Public Architect Award was established in 1984 to recognize and express appreciation for those who have made significant contributions while in the public sector. This year, We are proud to present this award to Faith Rose, AIA. Faith is Executive Director of the Public Design Commission and formerly the Senior Design Liaison for the NYC department of Design and Construction, where she was responsible for the development and implementation of the Design Excellence program from 2004-2014, overseeing the design process of more than 200 projects. Faith is a committed advocate for design excellence and design equity citywide.

As an ardent advocate for public design excellence, Faith has sought to break down barriers across government agencies and between city government and the design community. She has supported architects and encouraged relationships between architecture firms and government agencies. She has also organized numerous events and speaking engagements open to the public and focused on public sector work.

The AIA New York Chapter is pleased to present the Public Architect Award to Faith Rose.